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Retail / Jewelry

RFID Jewelry Tracking System | Dubai | USA | Europe | Middle East |
By combining RFID technology with our proven software, we’ve created an end-to-end Retail Inventory Management Solution that allows you to increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, and run a more efficient retail operation–all without any changes to your existing system.

Oil & Gas / Construction

RFID Oil and Gas Solutions Dubai | USA | Europe | Middle East |
DominateRFID software enables you to identify missing and non-returned assets, improve aging management, optimize asset deployment, manage installation and replacement processes, and increase the visibility of your entire inventory at any point of time, rapidly and easily.

Warehouse / Logistics

RFID Warehouse and Logistics Solution | Dubai | USA | Europe | Middle East |
DominateRFID significantly simplifies logistics and warehousing operations by efficiently tracking parts and finished goods from the factory, through the warehouse, and to the customer, while seamlessly interfacing with your inventory, warehouse management, or ERP systems.


RFID Healthcare solutions | Dubai | USA | Europe | Middle East |
DominateRFID’s RFID and IoT Technologies provide healthcare facilities with a viable solution to improve the real-time visibility of assets, patients, staff, inventory, RTLS, and sensory data, to increase safety and accountability.


RFID Manufacturing Solutions in | Dubai | USA | Europe | Middle East |
DominateRFID tackles all of your Manufacturing challenges, including your work in process to the finished goods, using RFID and IoT technologies. DominateRFID delivers value and control for product genealogy and lifetime traceability, material management and replenishment, asset tracking, warehousing, and yard management processes.

Food & Beverage

RFID Food & Beverage Solutions Dubai | USA | Europe | Middle East |
DominateRFID whole-chain traceability includes internal and external visibility through the entire process: from the grower, through the distributor, to the retailer. We provide real-time, actionable data related to the movement of goods throughout the supply chain and traceability for regulatory compliance. Visibility allows growers and distributors to determine if a possible contamination occurred at the grower, or was introduced within the distribution process, and who else might be affected.


RFID Solutions for Hospitality | Dubai | USA | Europe | Middle East |
Tracking inventory, assets, VIP guests, uniforms, linen, and luggage are just a few of the capabilities of DominateRFID software. Use it once and you won’t be able to live without it!


RFID Aviation Solutions Dubai | USA | Europe | Middle East |
Try flying with DominateRFID! Go beyond baggage tracking to trace critical airplane parts, cabin assets, MRO processes, tools, and much more with DominateRFID.


RFID Automotive Solutions Dubai | USA | Europe | Middle East |
From managing an auto service shop all the way to the auto manufacturing facility, DominateRFID offers twelve solutions for the automotive industry. These solutions utilize the latest RFID and IoT technologies, and are designed to bring you unprecedented efficiency and real-time tracking capabilities.


RFID Education Solutions Dubai | USA | Europe | Middle East |
Ensure the safe entry and exit of your institution’s students and staff with the highly developed Education Solution from DominateRFID. Utilize DominateRFID Emergency Evacuation Software to ensure the safety and track the whereabouts of your students and staff in real-time. Our Education Solution includes asset tracking, file and document tracking, and bus ridership.


RFID Banking Solutions in Dubai | USA | Europe | Middle Easet |
From premier customer tracking to important document and asset tracking, there is no better solution that DominateRFID’s feature-rich and highly flexible system. Add a layer of protection and real-time visibility using our IoT cloud-based solutions.


RFID in Industries Solutions Dubai | USA | Europe | Middle East |
DominateRFID is helping industrial customers rapidly achieve the next level of operational efficiency, safety, security, and ultimately profitability, all using our best-of-breed RFID and IoT technologies.