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Our Solution Helps You Track the Location, Quantity, and Condition of Your Medical Assets

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Our Solution Helps You Track the Location, Quantity, and Condition of Your Medical Assets

Our Solution Helps You Track the Location, Quantity, and Condition of Your Medical Assets

January 4, 2017

Every year, healthcare providers suffer significant losses in revenues due to improper storage of expensive pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines in healthcare facilities. According to a 2012 report from the US Department of Health and Human Services, at least $800,000 worth of vaccine doses were identified to be ineffective, though the number could rise well above $2 billion¹. Besides incurring financial losses, hospitals may jeopardize patients’ lives by mistaken administration of spoiled or ineffective medicines. Furthermore, failing to discover expired products on time could lead to unprecedented drug shortage in emergency situations.

In the face of these problems, safe storage and timely administration of medical products must be recognized among the highest priorities of hospitals, labs and other healthcare entities. At some stage, officials may contemplate developing an inclusive program for monitoring sensitive materials such as pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines, reagents, laboratory samples and other kinds of disposables and consumables. The ultimate goals here are to make the best use of these valuable assets before they are rendered useless, and to improve patient safety as a result.

With these ends in sight, DominateRFID has developed an all-encompassing software/hardware platform that can be deployed to monitor all kinds of medical equipment in terms of their location, quantity and latest status. Our Asset Tracking Solution provides you with full visibility of your inventory at different locations within or outside your facility, and offers you all the relevant information right on your request. The system helps you monitor the real-time location of your medical supplies, and notifies you well in advance of their expiration dates.

Our solution also prevents medical products from spoiling or losing their effect by informing you of their latest condition in terms of temperature, humidity, lighting etc. For instance, it is very crucial to preserve the potency and efficacy of vaccines especially in those cases where children’s lives are on the line. Some vaccines, in particular, must be stored within certain temperature ranges. In order to prevent out-of-range temperature exposures, our Asset Tracking Solution works in conjunction with wireless sensors to ensure appropriate storage in compliance with standards. Also the system incorporates alert modules for early detection of any alterations in environmental variables to ensure product safety. These modules would potentially save hundreds of costly vials that might otherwise be wasted by malfunctioning vaccine storage units.

Deployment of this solution could also bring about a remarkable improvement in medical inventory management. Real-time tracking and regular audits will enable you to monitor and control your stock levels across all parts of your organization. By offering this level of visibility, the system could especially assist clinics, hospitals, pharmacies and other healthcare providers in striking a balance between supply and demand in their systems. In this way, caregivers can adopt optimum stock-out policies and avoid stockpiling excessive safety stocks.

DominateRFID Asset Visibility Platform will also improve the overall performance of healthcare employees. Another major benefit of this solution is to facilitate a streamlined process-flow in premises, which would eliminate the need for inaccurate manual inspections and save considerable labor cost and time. As a result, more personnel can switch their activities from administrative to clinical tasks. This will, in turn, make room for more efficient patient care and improve service quality in healthcare centers.

¹ https://oig.hhs.gov/oei/reports/oei-04-10-00430.pdf

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