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Armored Diesel Repair & Services Smart Trailer™ RFID Inventory Visibility System. Concept, Development and Launch Update – January 2016

by shawn

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Selected by RFID Journal Live 2016 Presentation

Armored Diesel Repair & Services, LLC was started in 2013, in San Antonio, TX by Andrew and Ellen Hernandez.  This new business focuses on truck and equipment repair and maintenance, for Oil & Gas and Industrial customers.  Armored Diesel services their customer’s trucks, pumps and equipment at the customer’s truck yard locations, so the customer does not have to transport their trucks to be repaired.  It has grown rapidly, and now services over 15 customers in the San Antonio area.

A big part of servicing customer’s trucks and equipment is to have the right parts and consumables at the locations when they are needed.  Mechanics time is valuable, and customer’s truck and equipment uptime is very valuable. Some of these truck yards can be several hours away, and if the mechanics do not bring all the right parts, then hours and days can be wasted waiting for parts to be delivered.

Andrew Hernandez initially developed the concept of a Smart Trailer™ Inventory system with Ernie and Jason Hernandez at Hernco in Midland, TX.  The basic concept is to have a trailer or room with the right inventoried parts and consumables at the customer location.  The details include developing a user-friendly system to track and manage the parts.  If this could be done efficiently, it would improve customer equipment uptime, reduce costs, and enable costs to be tracked for each truck in the fleet.  There have been a number of attempts for suppliers to barcode parts for truck yard users, but these concepts have not been robust enough in the field.

Armored Diesel is now equipped with the first RFID based Smart Trailer™ and Warehouse System.  This includes a custom trailer or room with the right inventoried parts and consumables, Intermec RFID reader and antennas, DominateRFID Inventory Visibility System and a secure wireless VPN system.  We partnered with DominateRFID to develop and install the RFID based Inventory Management system in our warehouse and Smart Trailers™.

The Armored Diesel Smart Trailer™ includes a magnetic lock that is opened with a personal ID card.  As the authorized user enters the trailer, a security camera turns on.  All these systems have been integrated with DominateRFID system. All users must be authorized by the customer and certified by Armored Diesel.  The user takes the needed items from the shelves or bins and places them on the “Smart” Table developed by DominateRFID, where antennas read the RFID tags that are attached to each item.  A list of the items is displayed on a tablet mounted above the table.  If everything is correct, the user checks out, takes their items and leaves the trailer.  The system automatically updates the Dominate Inventory Visibility System databases thru the secure VPN wireless network.  When an item falls below its minimum quantity a re-stock order is sent back to the warehouse. After an item or items leave the trailer, notifications are sent out by email or SMS. Inventory and usage reports are supplied to the customer each month via the software.

Our first Smart Trailer™ was placed at the customer location in September.  We had 2 months of field development and training before going live.

The customer now has several months of usage and has found significantly reduced equipment downtime due to waiting for the right parts.  The Armored Diesel Smart Trailer™ concept is patent pending and easily scalable.  We will be taking Smart Trailers™ to all of our customers throughout Texas Eagle Ford and Permian Basins and pursuing other industrial applications.


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