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Aviation Industry witnesses huge benefits through RFID implementation

by maria hussain

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Airports and airlines that have adopted RFID technology demonstrate it can make numerous operations more efficient- cutting costs, improving safety and security, and delivering customer services.
Challenges: Today’s airlines face a number of challenges in terms of safety & security of customer baggage’s and passenger traffic. Industry is trying to give better customer service but at the same time pressure to reduce the operating costs is equally strong.

Mishandled baggage, lost aircraft assets, tools and misplaced files are some of the major issues in the travel industry, which is under constant pressure to streamline the process of passenger travel and airport automation.

RFID is an emerging technology that is increasingly being used in business & industry. RFID technology provides enormous economic benefits for both business and consumers.

The application of RFID technology in the Aviation industry has many proven benefits, with the ultimate objective being continued air safety.

RFID will:
•Improve airline configuration control, by increasing the accuracy of the known “as-delivered” configuration.
•Reduce ownership costs, by identifying rogue parts; this will also help minimize airline inventories.
•Provide reliable part traceability.
•Reduce internal processing and cycle time to solve service-related problems.
•Improve the accuracy of information exchanged between the airline industry and suppliers.

With the need for strict safety, and therefore identity, the industry has been looking at ways to uniquely identity parts and assemblies.

DominateRFID Solutions:

To combat rising costs and fare reductions, airlines are seeking to improve the efficiency of business processes through RFID.

Baggage Reconciliation System- For collective actions on tracking passenger and all his/her baggage. DominateRFID Baggage Reconciliation System helps finding already loaded baggage, which is designed to match each checked-in and transit bag with the corresponding flight and passenger. It provides reliable information about where a bag is located at all times, from check-in to loading, and whether it is matched with a boarded passenger or not.

Baggage Labeling and Tracking System- DominateRFID Baggage Labeling and Tracking System allows you to optimize every step of the process, from the moment it has been unloaded off a plane to check-out operations. Implementing this system on baggage, either an existing baggage handling system or a new installation, improves the baggage handling accuracy, security and capacity while decreasing the quantity of mishandled baggage and delivering an increased throughput and visibility of baggage to airlines and handling agents.

Suspended baggage tracking- DominateRFID enables more accurate tracking of baggage that are lost, misplaced or forgotten in an airport. Traditionally done manually, this system saves up time and effort, making the process easy and fast.

Aircraft Cabin Asset: Dominate RFID’s Cabin Asset Tracking solution provides commercial airlines the ability to audit aircraft cabin assets in a fraction of the time it takes to do it manually. The solution can be used to track any of the following:

o Life Vests
o Safety Cards
o Life Rafts and Slides
o Defibrillators
o Oxygen Masks
o Oxygen Generators
o Oxygen Bottles
o First Aid Kits
o Fire Extinguishers
o Flashlights
o Megaphones
o Blanket and Pillows
o Seat Belts
o Smoke Detectors
o Service Carts
o Any other asset that is required to be present before takeoff

Inventory Tracking: Reduce shrinkage and strengthen security against product theft, loss and counterfeiting.
-Increase inventory accuracy and visibility.
-Reduce errors in receiving, put away, picking and shipping.
-Use handheld to search and quickly find the missing items.
-Eliminate wasted time looking for lost or misplaced items.
-Increase inventory cycle count frequency without additional workforce.
-Increase inventory turnover ratio and make decisions based on accurate data.

Tools Tracking- Some airport facilities have very specific access rules for personnel, equipment, assets and tools. Knowing exactly where mechanics and other resources are located at any point in time enables more efficient access enforcement, task management and staff utilization.

File Tracking and Record Management- DominateRFID File Management is a web-based records management and RFID tracking solution combined in one. Our solution helps manage the complete records lifecycle from creation through destruction, and tracks the physical location of files.

DominateRFID Solutions, there’s nothing like it.

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