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Case Study: How RFID saves lives.

by maria hussain

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G4S Security successfully installed DominateRFID Vehicle Inspection Tracking system.

G4S is the world’s leading security outsourcing group, specializing in business sectors where security and safety risks are considered a strategic threat.

As the largest security service provider in the UAE, G4S has numerous clients in various industries that require full-proof security solutions. One such client is UAE’s Al Hosn Gas; a company that deals with the development of sour gas resources, utilizing the highest engineering standards and adopting premier business practices and technologies. 


To install a fully automated and managed security system for vehicle tracking and inspection inside the Oil & Gas field. The system should provide the identity, historical information and other details of vehicles being passed by, without any manual effort.


Being Abu Dhabi’s sour gas exploration arm, Al Hosn Gas works with many companies who provide different services inside the field. The exploration industry is an open field with over 5,000 vehicles roaming the roads at any time of the day. There had been several accidents due to numerous reasons such as driving violations, expired inspection, unsafe contents, etc.

Security and safety of vehicles and personnel is the top most priority to Al Hosn Gas. For this reason, Al Hosn Gas decided to seek help from UAE’s G4S establishment that deals with various security solutions.

G4S wanted to find innovative ways to deal with this problem. The requirement was to identify an incoming vehicle from a 1 km distance and show its history and existing status on the inspector’s Tablet. This would give the inspector enough time to view the details and, if necessary, stop the vehicle before it reaches the inspector’s vehicle.

With these requirements, they approached DominateRFID for developing a fully automated vehicle tracking and inspection system. G4S clearly indicated their need of an automated system without the use of radar.

DominateRFID Solution

Finding a solution based on the given conditions, DominateRFID developed the Vehicle Inspection Tracking System. Due to the 1Km read distance requirement, usage of passive tags was out of question. Our system uses the following components:

  • Radiant Sensors Active Tags are assigned to each monitored vehicle.
  • Radiant Sensors Active RFID Reader are assigned to each inspection vehicle.
  • Tablet loaded with DominateRFID inspection software
  • Wireless Printer
  • Server software for main database and synchronization between Tablets.

Each vehicle’s information including driver, content of the vehicle, inspection dates, etc. will be entered into the tablet. The tablets upload their data to the server and in return become synchronized with data captured by other tablets.

Inspectors park their vehicles on the side of the road. As vehicles get close to the proximity of 1km of the inspector car (our system can detect incoming vehicles from any direction), the information about the vehicle pops up on the tablet. If there has been a violation or a need to stop the vehicle, the inspector has ample time to proceed with his decision.

The inspector can then use his tablet to make a full inspection and take pictures of the violations (work out tire, missing fire distinguisher, etc.). The full history of the driver violations, regardless of which vehicle was driven, will also pop up for inspection.

Result and Conclusion

With DominateRFID’s fully automated Vehicle Inspection Tracking System, G4S UAE now has the ability to know exactly which car to inspect. Because of DominateRFID central application, inspectors can save their time by omitting all sorts of paperwork, and eliminate the efforts of communicating with the base for instructions. In addition, inspectors do not need to bear the harsh environment and varying weather conditions by physically standing on the roads and waiting for vehicles to pass by.

With this application, DominateRFID made a huge contribution in road safety. Ever since the adaption of this system, no accidents or deaths have been reported on the facility, making this perhaps the first time RFID was used to save lives.

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