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Case Study: SP Jain School of Global Management Implements DominateRFID People Tracking System

by shawn

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caseThe SP Jain School of Global Management was established in 2004 in Dubai, with an objective of focusing on global learning. Since that time, the school has launched campuses in Singapore, Sydney, and Mumbai. SP Jain has been ranked number 1 in the U.A.E. in a Brand Perception Audit conducted by Nielsen in 2008.


To install an effective automated tracking solution that provides student identification, as well as monitoring student arrivals, departures, entrance and exit of authorized and restricted areas, and location within pre-defined zones. The ideal solution would also provide a detailed location history of each student’s movements.


According to SP Jain rules, students who were recorded as absent in three sessions of a specific class should not be allowed to attend the final exam for that class. However, given the large number of students in the school, SP Jain’s administration found it challenging to effectively monitor the attendance of each student to every class. Additionally, they were not able to get detailed reports on the time spent in a specific class by a specific student or instructor.

For other close range access control technologies, it was only possible to detect the entry and exit of students to the building; those systems were not able to provide detailed information regarding an individual’s movement and location within the school.

For SP Jain, it was not possible for other technologies to track the real-time location of their students, class attendance of the students, nor how much time they spent in each class by recording late arrivals and early departures.

To track both the attendance of the staff to the school, as well as the attendance of the students to their classes, SP Jain was looking for a comprehensive solution that would include identification of students and personnel, the monitoring of class attendance, and movement within the school.


To overcome the aforementioned challenges, DominateRFID presented its People Tracking Solution, which is a unique combination of active RFID devices and active tags, to ensure that SP Jain could have real-time, precise, and detailed records on every entry or exit to specific zones of the school.

After studying the layouts and drawings of the school, DominateRFID created a design for hardware installation that allowed SP Jain to be in full control in terms of tracking the attendance and movement of their students and staff.

Our system was a combination of the following components:

  • Radiant Sensor Active Access Cards, assigned to and carried by each student and staff member
  • Radiant Sensor Active RFID Readers and Antennas, installed and assigned to each defined zone (gate, class, etc.)
  • DominateRFID People Tracking web-based software, installed on the main server

Each student and staff member’s information (Name, ID, Email, Picture, etc.)  is entered into the DominateRFID People Tracking Software, and assigned to a specific Active Access Card with a unique tag number for every card.

Active RFID Readers and Antennas were installed at strategic locations in the school: the entrances and exits of the school and at the entrance and exit of every class as well.

Every student and staff member carries his/her assigned Active Access Card all the times. Whenever a student approaches or comes in the range of the RFID Active Reader, the system automatically captures the arrival and location, recording it in the movement history.

The attendance of the students and the staff is automatically captured and recorded by the system. This way the school administration always has real-time information on the location of any given student or staff member on premises, as well as the history of their attendance at school and in class.

Moreover, SP Jain can identify how much time is spent by each staff member or student, in every specific class, for performance analysis.


  • Accountability: DominateRFID People Tracking increased personnel accountability, as the administration could finally have detailed reports of attendance and time spent in every class.
  • Identification: The solution has helped the school administration to identify the students in every class, and with complete reports of attendance and absence, by confirming the presence of students in their classes.
  • Real-Time Tracking: DominateRFID People Tracking allows SP Jain to monitor the movement of both students and staff within the school.
  • Emergency: DominateRFID People Tracking solution has significantly enhanced the rapid response capabilities of administration in cases of emergency evacuation, as the school knows the number of people in every zone, and who they are, at any given time.

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