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DominateRFID Asset Management System

by maria hussain

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DominateRFID Asset Management System

DominateRFID is proud to present a unique Asset Management System, which serves to be beneficial for numerous reasons. DominateRFID Asset Management System has two editions: Enterprise and Mobile. DominateRFID Asset Tracking Mobile Edition is a set of mobile applications that utilize RFID technology to manage and track your assets. With this, organizations can know details of any available, missing, misplaced and disposed assets after each scan. Our Asset Management Enterprise Edition is comprised of Web-based Server application and series of mobile applications that utilize RFID technology to provide organizations with real-time Asset visibility. It enhances operational activities, along with increased efficiency, lowering cost and adds accountability, control and security.

DominateRFID Asset Management System offers never-ending features including:

  • Fully supports the use of both Barcode and RFID technologies.
  • Automatically Track Asset Movement, Status and shows the real-time location of the Asset on the map of your facility.
  • Assign Asset to Location, Department and transfer to different locations automatically.
  • Assign Asset to Employee and track Asset’s In/Out, Loan out, Custodian, etc.
  • Audit Assets to confirm presence and their location.
  • User and role security level menu access.
  • Track Asset repair and service and perform preventive maintenance.
  • Track Asset insurance, lease, consignment and multiple ownerships.
  • Scalable to unlimited number of sites, assets, and users
  • Define triggers for Alerts and numerous Alert Actions.
  • Define location & asset type hierarchy including unlimited Asset Attributes and Attribute values.
  • Provides a comprehensive and manageable Asset Disposal process.

Some of the most powerful modules include:

      • Notification.

The Notification Module allows user to setup an elaborate notification schedules and have the system to automatically send notification once the pre-set criteria is met. For example, notification will be sent to staff when Asset’s preventive maintenance due date is within reach.

      • Asset Transfer.

The Asset Transfer module is used to Transfer-Out or Transfer-In Assets between different branches, locations or outside entity. The transfer can be permanent or temporary with expected return date. Transfer History provides full view of all the transfer activities. This modules allows user to establish unlimited transfer approval levels. System will send the transfer list to the 1st person or role for approval. Once approved it will send to the 2nd person on the list. This system offers security, accountability and paperless approval process to an organization.

      • Alert

Includes location update, Arrival alert, Location alert, Departure alert, missing alert, Restricted movement, Absence alert and Asset status.

      • Audit

Audit is the most powerful feature of DominateRFID Asset Management system. The Audit Module operates on the handheld or Tablet. Data can be batch processed and update the database once the wireless network is available. Audit result will include Missing items, Found Items, Misplaced Items, and Unknown Items.

      • Report

DominateRFID report module has variety of reports that can be used to gather, print out and share information about Assets. All reports can be exported into Excel, PDF and Word.

    • Kit Check

This module is designed to scan a location and compare its result with the previous scan and show any discrepancies.

Safeguard your investment.
Integrate with an existing ERP or Asset management system or use as standalone Asset management system.
• Works with RFID, Barcode or combination of the two.
• Designed to be easy to use and easy to maintain. Keep your existing method of operation and procedures.

Asset Audit in Minutes.
• Quick count of Assets in just a few seconds or minutes.
• Scan Assets inside closed boxes.

Track Anywhere.
• System allows to be 100% mobile.
• Take it to multiple offices, vaults, storage rooms, etc.
• System works independent of any software and will batch process your stock take, Asset search, Misplaced search and exports back to your Asset system when you are ready.

Full Visibility.
• Eliminate shrinkage and strengthen security against theft and loss. Increase Asset accuracy and visibility.
• Eliminate wasting time looking for missing or misplaced Assets.

A Universe of Options.
• Windows based UHF RFID Reader.
• Android based smart phone/Tablet with attached UHF RFID reader.

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