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DominateRFID IoT Suite: a Powerful & Customizable Platform for IoT Deployment

by shawn

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DominateRFID IoT Suite

DominateRFID IoT Suite: a Powerful & Customizable Platform for IoT Deployment

October 1, 2016

The concept of Internet of Things (IoT) centers on the possibility of having assets, products, devices, and even working environments connected to a network, as well as to the other items and environments. The core idea is to have a set of smart objects that can communicate and cooperate with each other, with or without human intervention. The basic objective of IoT is to reduce tedious manual tasks, coordinate device activities and automate daily processes. In other terms, facilitating a smooth workflow in one or more locations is the major end in utilizing networked objects.

However, seamless and automated performance is no longer considered as the sole purpose of research and development in IoT sector. In the light of ever-advancing wireless technologies and easier access to web-enabled mobile devices, researchers have been persuaded to take a new look at everyday objects to see if virtual space could help them find new applications for familiar devices. Since the beginning of this century, there have been numerous efforts to explore these limitless applications in industries as well as social environments and people’s private lives.

From a business point of view, one cannot downplay the enormous benefits of this new venture. As a novel technological approach, IoT has generated unexpected profits for both suppliers and consumers. Based on Gartner estimates, by the year 2020 the revenues from IoT supplies are expected to reach $309 billion per year1. As for the benefits to the users, one can point out the invaluable role of IoT in saving time and raising efficiency in various sectors. For instance, it is deployed for early detection and prevention of system failures in several industries. When it comes to energy consumption, networked sensors have emerged as a revolutionary means of saving energy in all areas, from houses to public buildings and factories.

In view of all these benefits, a growing number of industries are considering the deployment of smart devices and networked machinery on their sites. However, IoT deployment in an industrial complex is not simply about purchasing high-tech systems. A critical part is to establish a powerful central platform in order to control network communications and coordinate the performance of multiple instruments. Having considered the diverse requirements of different enterprises, DominateRFID provides an elaborate set of open, flexible, and scalable platforms and services that can be employed by any company, whether a small firm or an established global enterprise.

DominateRFID’s IoT Suite is an integrated platform that has incorporated all the relevant features required to connect a multitude of these so called “things”. The data management applications of this platform are designed to receive, integrate and orchestrate endless flows of data, generated by things. The data will then be analyzed and delivered as useful information to the operators so that they can program things to take the best course of action in their automated operations. The platform has displayed rapid deployment across many industries, such as asset management, remote monitoring and predictive repair & maintenance.

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