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DominateRFID Product Spotlight – Jewelry Tracking System

by shawn

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RFID Jewelry Tracking Sysetm - DominateRFID Dubai UAE USA

DominateRFID presents our unique Jewelry Tracking System solution, which benefits jewelry retails in numerous areas.

The system is comprised of a web-based server application and a series of mobile applications and Windows applications that utilize RFID technology to provide you with real-time inventory visibility. It enhances your operation with increased efficiency, lowering cost and adding accountability, control, and security. 

You can use DominateRFID Jewelry Management to automatically track and secure the movement of items and perform quick and easy audits of tagged items. You will know in detail any available, missing, and misplaced items after each scan.

Our system can function as stand-alone Jewelry Management system, and provides you with menus to set up, enter, and maintain item data. You can classify items into unlimited types with unlimited user-defined properties.

The system offers endless features, including:

  • Quick daily stock count of your inventory in just a few seconds or minutes
  • Location-based audit allows you to audit locations such as racks, shelves, storage rooms, warehouses, vaults, displays, and even inventory containers
  • Works with RFID, Barcode, or a combination of the two
  • Search and quickly find missing items through handheld’s audible and visual indicators
  • Scan a location to see what items do not belong to that location
  • Scan and verify items inside closed boxes
  • Manage serialized and bulk inventory items


Dominate RFID Jewelry Tracking solution tremendously improves three major parts of your business:

  1. Inventory
    • Quick stock count allows you to scan an entire store in minutes instead of hours
    • Audit your inventory in just a few seconds or minutes
    • Quickly find missing or misplaced items
    • Quickly organize the store by scanning a location to see what items do not belong to that location
    • Real-time visibility of your inventory, regardless of their location
  1. Security
    • Protects you against theft and counterfeiting
    • Receive alerts in real time via Screen Pop-ups, SMS, and Email
    • Automatically lock doors and take many actions when an unauthorized item is leaving
    • Directly associates video surveillance with the unauthorized item departure
  1. Sales
    • Know which item have been shown to customer the most
    • Know which items have never been shown
    • Valuable statistics to help you make better purchasing decisions


  • Increase inventory accuracy
  • Reduce theft and loss
  • Reduce inventory labor costs
  • Improve forecasting and planning
  • Improved productivity through better inventory control
  • Enhanced customer and user experience
  • Enhanced visibility into supply chain from manufacturing unit to stores, and for exhibitions/external displays

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