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DominateRFID™ Provides an RFID-Enabled Asset Management Solution for Rental Firms

by Liam

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DominateRFID™ Provides an RFID-Enabled Asset Management Solution for Rental Firms

DominateRFID™ Provides an RFID-Enabled Asset Management Solution for Rental Firms

May 7, 2017

Rental firms have traditionally relied upon paper-based or barcode-based approaches to track assets and register their transactions. These methods entail time-consuming procedures that hinder the overall rental process. Moreover, relatively large labor resources are required for recording and handling assets at different stages. In some cases, workers need to be available in-person to administer every step of a process. For instance, barcode tags must be within the line of sight, and therefore a worker with a barcode reader should be present to scan them one by one. This could be a very long and laborious activity, especially when the assets are meant to be delivered in bulk.

One cannot ignore the fact that these lengthy procedures are prone to occasional human error. Rental firms have to incur substantial annual losses due to mistakes in delivery or frequent asset losses. To avert these setbacks, a new technological approach is needed for accurate identification of renter and items in transactions. DominateRFID™ has devised a comprehensive asset management solution that would facilitate asset data management, as well as onsite activities like tracking and identification.

Asset Visibility System comprises an all-encompassing software platform that covers aspects of asset data management for rental equipment firms. The platform keeps complete record of asset–customer associations and transaction conditions, and presents them in an easy-to-navigate layout. It is especially developed to enable a single operator to maintain full control of assets’ use cycles. Its Alert and Notification modules notify the users of unauthorized movements and issue automatic reminders of important dates via SMS, email, and screen pop-ups.

The system also incorporates RFID tracking equipment for more efficient transfer of items in and out of storage areas. Rented assets pass through fixed RFID portals placed at the doorways, or they can be quickly scanned by a handheld reader. These readers allow for accurate check-in and check-out of multiple tagged items in a fraction of a minute. This is an automated data gathering procedure that will eliminate the line-of-sight requirements of barcode systems. RFID deployment will also enhance the accuracy of order fulfilments, and ensures rapid and reliable locating and counting operations in tool rooms, warehouses, and rental lots.

DominateRFID™ Asset Visibility System represents a remarkable advantage over manual or barcode-based renting methods. The system integrates software and hardware components to establish a comprehensive package that addresses all challenges in rental asset management. By deploying our platform, you will achieve your desired accuracy in renting your high-value equipment to your customers. Our RFID-based platform helps you cut down on errors, speed up implementations, and reduce labor costs. In view of these benefits, it maximizes the efficiency of rental operations and generates a substantial ROI in a short period.



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