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How to Make a Smart RFID Choice for Inventory Management

by shawn

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DominateRFID™ Inventory Visibility System

How to Make a Smart RFID Choice for Inventory Management

March 25, 2017

Nowadays, a rising number of companies and brands are joining the ever-expanding global RFID market. In line with this trend, greater varieties of RFID solutions are introduced into the market constantly. Many industries and businesses may find it challenging to choose the most suitable product for their inventory tracking requirements. As an enterprise, you may have difficulty in finding a package that meets your specific needs while simultaneously having its benefits outweigh its costs. As elaborated in the following paragraphs, DominateRFID™ has developed a number of solutions that are meant to address the diverse inventory challenges of a wide spectrum of businesses and industries, based on the scale of their activities.

In your search for a suitable RFID solution, you may encounter some alluring offers by service providers. For instance, they might introduce some sophisticated and multi-functional RFID systems, which could be too expensive for your tight budget. Low priced offers, on the other hand, could raise many doubts regarding quality and performance. When consulting an expert, you will probably be advised to go for a robust, yet flexible solution that could be customized to meet your needs. This is especially true of larger enterprises whose inventory management problems could be more complicated than expected. They usually face a wide range of unique challenges, which must be addressed in inventory management.

To tackle these challenges, corporations should first find a powerful and comprehensive inventory tracking solution with a long list of special features that are essential for optimizing inventory accuracy. Then, they should be able to adapt these features to their particular needs. DominateRFID™ provides a comprehensive and scalable solution, designed to deal with all aspects of inventory management across different stages of supply chain. Our Inventory Visibility Platform incorporates a very elaborate set of specialized modules and alerts, some of which are offered in the market as exclusive solutions. Many of these features are optional, and accordingly the system can be scaled up and down to suit your precise demands.

However, if you are running a small or medium-sized enterprise, purchasing a multi-purpose solution will be neither necessary nor economical. Our long history of cooperation with smaller firms has led us to conclude that a large number of them face common inventory challenges on their premises. In such cases, custom solutions can be offered in the form of fixed and cost-efficient packages that are deployable across a wide a variety of smaller businesses. In this regard, our R&D teams have developed a series of affordable and ready-to-operate solutions that are especially suitable for inventory monitoring requirements of start-ups and local businesses. These plug & play “bundles” eliminate the deployment and maintenance hassles of larger systems, and realize rapid ROI for smaller retail businesses.

Our experiences with a multitude of working environments have enabled us to anticipate the diverse challenges of multiple businesses. Having developed an extensive set of solutions for different business practices, DominateRFID™ is prepared to offer you the most adaptable approach to your inventory management challenges. We are ready to listen to your concerns, give you free professional advice, and extend our full support to your business through all stages of installation and deployment.


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