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Track Your Inventory - RFID Dubai - USA - UAE & Middle East

Solve your Inventory Tracking challenges with DominateRFID!

RFID Enterprise is designed for large multi-location companies to automate inventory tracking and provide real-time visibility.

Know exactly what you have, how many you have and where it is.

  • Increase inventory accuracy and real-time visibility.
  • Reduce shrinkage and strengthen security against product theft, loss and counterfeiting.
  • Dynamic real-time Alert system with video surveillance for monitoring item movements.
  • Speed up and reduce errors in receiving, put away, picking and shipping.
  • Automate the identification process and change the status of hundreds of items at once. Eliminate miscounts and double counting inventory.
  • Save time looking for lost or misplaced items.
  • Increase inventory cycle count frequency without additional workforce.
  • Increase inventory turnover ratio and make decisions based on real-time accurate data.
  • Works with Barcode, RFID or combination of the two.

Enjoy unlimited capabilities with DominateRFID.  Our Inventory software utilizes an innovative “Item properties” feature that allows you to match it perfectly to your specific inventory requirements.

DominateRFID Inventory can easily integrate with your existing POS, ERP, WMS or inventory software to provide your application with RFID capabilities, or use it as a stand-alone inventory tracking system.

DominateRFID offers many additional modules to enhance your inventory tracking with robust capabilities in customer service, increase sales and security measures. Some of the modules are:

  • Smart Audit
  • Smart Transfer
  • Mobile Stock Availability
  • Mobile Stock Pick
  • Instant Item Locator
  • Anti-theft and Shrink Management
  • Sales Assistant tablet application
  • Smart Shelf / Display
  • Smart POS Counter
  • Smart Fitting Room
  • Mobile POS
  • Premier Customer Tracking
  • IoT Suite

Not All RFID Solutions Are Created Equal

Extensive R&D and years of experience have molded our software into the world-class RFID application it is today. Our goal is to make RFID applications that are intelligent, easy to use, reliable and affordable.

DominateRFID Enterprise Inventory Tracking is considered by many large enterprises to be a tipping point in affordability and simplifying the RFID installation.

DominateRFID Inventory tracking, another great product from DominateRFID.

There’s nothing like it.

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