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Informative Article: Internet of Things (IoT)

by shawn

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iotheaderBehind every outstanding technology, there is always a greater humane need. In our modern life, with hundreds of tools, devices and “things” that we are constantly using in our daily activities, we struggle to maintain the focus necessary to make the dozens of decisions required to take advantage of all the things around us.

The need to ease our lives and enhance our experiences becomes more crucial every day. With an increasing number of daily tasks filling the time we’ve saved elsewhere, it becomes harder and harder to pay attention to even the simplest of details. Thus, negligence becomes seemingly inevitable and unavoidable. Luckily, technology and innovation intervene to further ease our challenges and transform complexity into simplicity, and chaos into well-being.


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RFID Product Spotlight : DominateRFID Asset Management with IOT Platform

by shawn

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iotlDominateRFID presents a unique Asset Management System, with numerous benefits.

The system is comprised of a web-based application and a series of intelligent modules that utilize RFID technology to provide you with real-time asset visibility. It enhances your operations with increased efficiency, lower costs, and added accountability, control, and security

The DominateRFID IoT platform helps companies thrive in this era of IoT, delivering open, scalable platforms and services that any company, whether startup or the most established global enterprises, can use to create added value.  

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Case Study: SP Jain School of Global Management Implements DominateRFID People Tracking System

by shawn

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caseThe SP Jain School of Global Management was established in 2004 in Dubai, with an objective of focusing on global learning. Since that time, the school has launched campuses in Singapore, Sydney, and Mumbai. SP Jain has been ranked number 1 in the U.A.E. in a Brand Perception Audit conducted by Nielsen in 2008.  

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