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Product Spotlight: DominateRFID Vehicle Tracking System

by maria hussain

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DominateRFID Vehicle Tracking System

DominateRFID is proud to present its Vehicle Tracking System, which is installed to enable companies to track their vehicle's location. Our system helps in identifying a particular Vehicle during in-and-out and locating the movement of vehicles in specified path, as we as giving out Alerts and Alarms accordingly.

DominateRFID’s fully automated Vehicle Tracking System delivers the flexibility, scalability and responsiveness that today’s organizations need. We provide accurate, up-to-minute information, high-speed communication and powerful analysis features required to make better decisions faster. The major potential comes from the much acclaimed no line of sight and simultaneous reading properties of RFID.  

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Informative Article : RFID Vehicle tracking helps in the safety and security of vehicles

by maria hussain

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RFID Vehicle tracking

With the advancement of globalization, transportation is playing an important role. In this phase, asset management is crucial to ensuring that the logistics of transporting goods is executed without any problems. Vehicle tracking can be used for a business to keep track of all their mobile assets, whether they are cars, tractors, trailers, semis or construction equipment.  

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SAAED successfully installed DominateRFID Asset Management System

by maria hussain

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SAAED is a UAE-based semi-government company with regional and international partners that roots over a half century of excellence in different fields of business and beyond.

SAAED works on applying systems to meet the requirements of organizations that wish to manage and control car accidents in the most secure and efficient way. Find out how the company took DominateRFID’s help for its operational activities.  

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