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Our Highly Versatile Shrink Management Module Eliminates All the Loopholes in Your Facility

by shawn

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DominateRFID Shrink management System

Our Highly Versatile Shrink Management Module Eliminates All the Loopholes in Your Facility

November 2, 2016

Nowadays, shrinkage is growing into a major challenge, just in proportion to the growing opportunities for business expansion. Shrink management has turned into a central factor in the global struggle to reduce losses and optimize business operations. Fighting shrinkage in large and crowded locations, however, would require a more solid mechanism than mere video surveillance. An automated locating system can reduce all categories of loss caused by shoplifting, employee theft, vendor fraud or administrative error. In this respect, DominateRFID Shrink Management module assists companies and retailers in the accurate monitoring and tracking of their inventories.

The module would initially detect and register unauthorized movements of inventory or people in real-time. Then, it takes simultaneous actions to assist the management in preventing such movements. The system issues alerts through pop-up screens, SMS and email notification. It can automatically lock doors and trigger buzzers or flashing lights upon the occurrence of an event. In addition, it works in tandem with surveillance cameras to provide operators with complete visibility. Events are recorded by cameras and viewed directly in the application.

More timely and precise stock and shelf replenishment is another remarkable advantage of employing a comprehensive shrink management platform. Unaccounted losses bring about unexpected stock-outs, which will in turn amount to lost sales. It is always difficult to spot stock shortages that are caused by shrink, and of course the extent of shrink cannot be easily estimated in advance. Therefore, further losses can be prevented if one finds a method for early detection of shortage in shelves or stock rooms. DominateRFID Shrink Management module helps retailers achieve a far more accurate visibility of their lost and available stock. In this way, they will be better able to manage replenishment and preempt lost sales. The required amount of safety stock in warehouses will be accordingly reduced.

Warehouses or stock rooms can also be monitored by our shrink module. They are deemed as secure areas, not accessible to the public. Only a designated list of trusted officials and employees could enter these places. Nevertheless, theft or unauthorized relocations can sometimes occur in such areas as well. Shrink management should, therefore, be extended to restricted access locations in addition to shopping areas. With the aid of access control systems, DominateRFID Shrink Management module helps you detect intrusions or unauthorized displacements in these locations. The system could also provide a history of movements in and out of any secure area for tracking and accountability purposes.

In view of all these benefits, DominateRFID Shrink Management module helps retail businesses work smarter, faster and more cost-efficient. With this module, you can automatically identify the status change of hundreds of items at once. Strong and reliable security systems at entrance and exit points alert you once unsold items leave the points of sale. The Alert system can be customized to fit your needs. It is comprised of many independent, yet tightly integrated alerts that allow you to choose the precise features that meet your demands.

For more details on all features, please read our brochure at: http://www.dominaterfid.com/security-shrink-mangement/

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