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Our Visibility System Brings Sophistication to Your Staff Management Tasks

by shawn

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DominateRFID Visibility System

Our Visibility System Brings Sophistication to Your Staff Management Tasks

December 6, 2016

Enterprises need to monitor and orchestrate staff movements in order to improve group performance. Individual movements are meant to advance collective objectives of the entire system. However, it is difficult to ensure that in a large business, people always act in compliance with policies & goals. The difficulty lies in the fact that human conduct is shaped by an ever-changing set of desires, motives, personal logics, and mistakes. While a certain degree of freedom must be respected, one needs to monitor some movements to make sure that members abide by group norms. The ultimate goal is to coordinate activities for the purpose of achieving optimal efficiency.

Observing all movements in multiple locations appears to be a task beyond human power. This is especially the case when dealing with crowded places or remote locations. One will feel the need for an automated tracking system that can take on the task, cut the costs, and free working capital. DominateRFID People Visibility System utilizes the latest passive and active RFID technology to provide real-time tracking of staff, contractors, visitors, VIP customers, security guards, exhibitors, vehicles or any other member types that are defined in the system.

Of course, it might be suggested that camera surveillance alone would be a sufficient means of monitoring member movements. This is not the case with bustling working environments where a large number of attendees can be outsiders or ordinary visitors. Live video captures will also need to be simultaneously analyzed by human observers whose performance cannot be as fast and reliable as that of automated tracking systems. Nevertheless, cameras are vital instruments in addressing security concerns. For this reason, DominateRFID People Visibility System is designed to notify the management of an event, while delivering relevant footage of that event. The platform integrates with your surveillance cameras to capture an image or video of any length at the time of people movement.

A particular challenge in deploying this system is how to handle the anticipated information overload. Tracking & recording member movements in real-time generates massive volumes of data. It is not possible or even necessary for observers to deal with all information in real-time. The solution here is to have a system that can simultaneously record all events and only alert the management of important ones, like VIP arrivals, staying time, departures, delays, errors, infringements, etc. DominateRFID People Visibility System incorporates an Alert system that can be set up to notify the management of the activities that they deem important. The Alert system is rule based; user can define alert conditions and actions for events to be taken in case the event is matched.

In this system, a very elaborate set of alerts are offered along with video capture to handle many different situations. Some of the important alerts include: Arrival/Departure, Restricted Movement, Location Update, Maximum Capacity, System Diagnostics, Lost Access Card, and Absence Alert. These alerts can be sent via SMS, email or pop-up screen to the concerned party’s computer or mobile device(s). In some particular cases, the Alert system can automatically take action by controlling access doors, turning on a buzzer or flashing strobe lights.

Finally, DominateRFID People Visibility System plays a crucial role in the area of event management. Location Occupancy module allows you to control occupancy in any controlled area such as exhibit hall, concert hall, conference room, etc. You can set a maximum number of allowable persons in the area within certain time zones. The system will automatically monitor the attendance in real-time and graphically display on your mobile device(s) the current attendance compared to the maximum allowed. Your staff will be able to control the event safely and securely, and as a result adhere to corporate and local government safety regulations.

Due to its innovative Member Properties and expansive features, DominateRFID People Visibility System has been installed in trade shows, events, construction sites, factories and hotels with compelling results. It provides you with extensive reports for statistical analysis and evaluation of performances. It is also a perfect tool for proof of presence applications. It enhances your operation by increasing efficiency, lowering costs, and enforcing security, control, and accountability.

For more details on all features please read our brochure at: http://www.dominaterfid.com/products/people-tracking-system/

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