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Product Spot Light: DominateRFID People Tracking Software

by shawn

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RFID People Tracking Product SpotlightDominateRFID’s goal has always been to make and deliver RFID applications that are intelligent, easy to use, reliable, and affordable. We have utilized RFID technology in developing many applications for different industries, and one of our most reliable applications is DominateRFID People Tracking.

With a variety of flexible functionalities, modules, and options, the DominateRFID People Tracking System is a Web-based server application that utilizes RFID technology to provide real-time people tracking capabilities. DominateRFID People Tracking consists of a web-based application, RFID Reader, and RFID Access Cards. It enhances efficiency, lowers costs, and adds accountability, control, and security. The system safeguards investments by integrating with existing Active Directory, HR, ERP, or other systems through extensive APIs or import/export features. It can also function as a stand-alone People Tracking System, running on the Cloud or an existing HQ server.

The People Tracking System logs the movement of individuals as they cross designated access points. When a person comes within range of the RFID reader at the entrance, the system will immediately identify them, and can display their picture for verification.

The Read Zone can be programmed to capture the tag holder within any range from 1-8 meters. The RFID Access Card does not have to have a line of sight, meaning that it can be carried in a wallet, purse, pocket, etc.

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