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RFID-Enabled Cashless Payments Skyrocket at Outdoor Events

by maria hussain

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RFID-Enabled Cashless Payments Skyrocket at Outdoor Events

RFID is bringing dramatic change to the live events industry. Concerts and athletic event operators flocked to RFID-enabled cashless payment solutions in 2014, a trend that is expected to accelerate this year.
It’s entirely possible that major sporting events could be entirely ticketless in several years, relying on RFID wristbands not only to control access control, but also to allow fans to make purchases and to engage with the team through contests. For years, major league baseball parks in USA have handed out paper forms for fans to vote for players in the All Star game each summer. With an RFID-enabled wristband, fans can vote quickly at a kiosk and receive live updates on the voting.


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