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RFID People Tracking in the Oil & Gas Field

by maria hussain

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side1The oil & gas industry has always been under pressure to provide significant improvements to safety for workers and staff in the light of the very harsh conditions under which they work. Though the industry has tried all possible technologies, safety continues to be an enormous challenge.
Eventually, the emergence of RFID, with its unmatched potential and capabilities, began to play a key role in overcoming the safety challenges of workers in the oil & gas industry.
RFID offers the ability to quickly locate workers, and to instantly spot and respond to emergencies. RFID People Tracking Solutions are to the oil & gas industry what the black box is to the airline industry, with the ability to detect and identify the whereabouts of workers, as well as the status of their health and insurance certifications, in real time.

Emergency Evacuation (Mustering) Module

In any industry–business, education, medical, etc.–an accident can happen anytime, turning a facility into a disaster zone. People attempting to escape this type of situation are thinking about only one thing: getting out as fast as possible. Now imagine the team assembling at the mustering point, only to find several members are missing. With DominateRFID’s automated People Tracking System in place, the team lead can quickly determine not only who has not arrived, but also track their location on the site, enabling emergency response teams to focus their recovery efforts on the areas that require the most immediate attention.

The Emergency Evacuation Module allows individual personnel to be assigned to a designated reporting location in case of an emergency. At the time of emergency, the system will monitor each person’s arrival at the location, and provide a list of personnel that has not arrived. In case a person reports to a wrong location, it will list him/her as found, as well as their location. In order to aid the search team, the system will display the last captured location for each team member.

The DominateRFID Emergency Evacuation System provides the identification information and number of people evacuated, and those remaining inside the facility, by automatically keeping track of personnel entering and leaving the facility. The keys to hands-free identification are the range over which the RFID tag credential can send a signal, and the transmission frequency used to avoid traditional elements of interference.

Contractors and visitors also benefit, as this solution provides a centralized system for tracking them in and around the premises, allowing non-personnel to be more easily controlled and accounted for in any situation.

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