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RFID Students Tracking System

by shawn

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RFID Students Tracking Sysetm - DominateRFID Dubai UAE USAIf you were a resident of Dubai or UAE in the past year, there is one news story you surely heard: the tragic death of a student named Naziha.

Naziha was a student who was miscounted by both her supervisor and bus driver and, as a result, she was forgotten and left in her school bus for hours, resulting in her death. The family, school, and community have been devastated by her loss.

Going through news stories about this tragic accident, one could not help but wonder if there was any possible way to avoid the same type of mistake, and prevent the loss of another young child. The answer is yes, it could have been avoided through the use of an automated system that counts and monitors the movement of students, updating parents, teachers, and supervisors of their comings and goings.

As a matter of necessity, parents send their children to school using bus and other transportation every day. They simply cannot contact the school every day to be assured that their child has arrived safely; the schools could not bear the burden of responding to thousands of queries every day to assure parents of their children’s safety.

But the story speaks volumes about the shortcomings of a system that relies only on humans to monitor the safety of young students. Instead of an automated vigilance system in place every day while loading or off-loading busses full of children, supervisors have to manually check and verify the number and identity of children. It is a process fraught with risk, and the consequences of human error—as the community witnessed in the case of Naziha—can be devastating.

Without a doubt, we cannot afford to have a recurrence of this incident. We have to take the right measures, think outside the box, and come up with an error-free solution that will guarantee safety for students and reassurance for parents. Imagine the precious lives that could be saved by a system that registers and notifies parents swiftly whenever their children get on the bus, leave it, arrive, or leave their classes and schools.

DominateRFID has made this possible. DominateRFID’s Student Tracking RFID solution allows parents to receive notifications on their phone or via email, notifying them of their children’s departures and arrivals, from the time they board the bus in the morning until they leave it in the evening on their way home. School administration likewise received reports of the number and identities of children moving through the school, allowing error-free tracking of each child’s whereabouts, and alerting them of any inconsistencies that may signal an error.

Using this system, students carry RFID cards or wear RFID wristbands during the school day. With RFID antennas and readers installed at buses, school gates and classroom doors, parents can finally know exactly when their child gets on or off the bus, arrives and departs from school, and even from their classroom. Every access point can be connected to DominateRFID Student Tracking software, which does all the work, whether it is registering movement, counting children, or any other number of reports to assist with efficient administration.

The truth is, whatever precautions we will take—whether we hire five persons to do the same task every day—it will never be 100% foolproof. No matter how focused, dedicated, and determined they may be, humans will always be prone to error. After all, hundreds of factors affect our daily decision-making and focus; we are affected by mood, emotions, energy levels, and distraction, as well as any number of other factors.  Our accuracy and precision can never match that of a computer.

Information flow is the hallmark of the modern age, and technologies like RFID are the best way we can ensure that everything is going according to plan. Instead of laying the responsibility of the safety of our children with a few persons, we can fully automate a system that does not reach just 98% or 99% accuracy, but a system that is 100% accurate and reliable.

And this is just the beginning. RFID is a technology that has not only provided a way to guarantee the safety of our children; it has revolutionized our world and the way everything around us functions. You will be amazed by the unlimited applications for RFID technology. RFID is limited by just one thing:  human imagination.

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