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Informative Article : RFID Vehicle tracking helps in the safety and security of vehicles

by maria hussain

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RFID Vehicle tracking

With the advancement of globalization, transportation is playing an important role. In this phase, asset management is crucial to ensuring that the logistics of transporting goods is executed without any problems. Vehicle tracking can be used for a business to keep track of all their mobile assets, whether they are cars, tractors, trailers, semis or construction equipment.

RFID vehicle tracking will provide companies with a complete overview of the deployment of their vehicles and assets, and give them the ability to dispatch vehicles more efficiently. RFID tags can automatically alert security if someone is in an unauthorized zone, if a truck driver breaks a set route, if a shipment or pallet of goods is moved without authorization, and much more.

In the transportation phase of the supply chain, insurance of both, vehicles and the company that deploys them, is vital. With the ability to read and write new information on an RFID tag, the company can record real-time location and status on a vehicle. In case of a breakdown, the data on the RFID tag can be used as proof to the insurance company of passing the safety inspection.

For instance, major assets for transportation and distribution, like semi-trucks, must undergo safety inspections before they are allowed on the road. Regulatory compliance, or the standard that trucks must be held to before passing for inspection, dictates that trucks must have a specific tire pressure, tread level, and more.

These safety inspections are not only vital for the well-being of the other drivers on the road, but also for the company that is distributing their goods with the semi-trucks. With RFID technology, it can be ascertained and recorded that a truck has passed all maintenance, and an electronic record of inspections can be kept. This leads to an overall higher level of safety for the company, avoiding any breakdowns on the road and helping in the lifespan of the vehicle.

Thus, studies and reports have proved that vehicle tracking is a way to improve company efficiency and in effect, increase profitability, especially in the business of large vehicle fleets. The RFID based tracking system is the enabling technology, and is the key to release the value trapped in asset management. By its non-contact, scan-based data reading characteristics, it automates the asset tracking and data acquisition that enables an enterprise to locate vehicles, without wasting any time.

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