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DominateRFID Inventory Visibility System for Construction Industry

Real-Time Material Visibility with DominateRFID Inventory Visibility System

  • Jobsite Material Visibility
  • In-route Material Tracking
  • Finished Goods Tracking
  • Autonomous Remote Location Management
  • Real-Time Location System (RTLS)

DominateRFID Inventory Visibility Platform provides real-time visibility of your materials across and within all points of your operation. The inventory tracking system is designed for large, multi-location enterprises to enable item tracking throughout the global supply chain at once.

Keep track of raw materials across projects, suppliers, fabricators or in-route to your sites.

The system offers several installation options, including cloud and on-premise processing. Utilizing its powerful Universal Integration Link, our inventory tracking system can easily and quickly integrate with your existing ERP, BIM, WMS or inventory software to provide your application with physical and digital tracking capabilities.



DominateRFID Inventory Visibility System for Construction Industry

DominateINVENTORY incorporates the following outstanding features:

  • Know what you have, how many you have and where it is.
  • IoT based platform supports Barcode, RFID, BLE, ZigBee, Sensors, Celluar, Wi-Fi, etc.
  • View items on the map of your site and the world map.
  • Modular and scalable solution, suitable for companies of any size.
  • Track lot numbers, serial number, and date-sensitive stock.
  • Dynamic, real-time alert and notification system.
  • Consolidate data from all locations, or view them per location.
  • The paperless approval process for high valued stock transfers.
  • Extensive mobile applications capable of working in online and offline modes.
  • Autonomous remote location stock control (off-site locations, trailers, )
  • Monitor item and location’s temperature and humidity.

Adaptable Inventory database

DominateINVENTORY enables you to define unlimited item properties for each particular item without customization or programming. This feature allows you to adapt the system to your existing ERP, WMS, BIM or any other platform with ease. You can be assured that your system will never become obsolete, and your investment will support you for an indefinite time.

100% Materials Optimization

Consistently monitor the availability of materials and receive notifications when inventory falls below minimum levels, hence eliminating delayed projects resulting from stock-outs. The alerts happen in real-time, as soon as materials are moved or used. With this level of visibility, you can always have sufficient materials available so that you do not interrupt construction or production.

100% Mobility

Tablet and smart phone applications provide the mobility that is required to register new items, tag items, check-in/out, transfer-in/out, disposal, and perform a variety of other functions in the field.

Handheld RFID/Barcode reader can be used to audit raw materials and finished goods. You can use its audio and visual indicators to search for and quickly find the missing or misplaced materials.

100% Visibility

DominateINVENTORY provides several real-time dashboards for full visibility of your inventory on the map of your site or world map. You can track your stock at a construction site, distribution center, fabricator, on a truck, on a ship, in the middle of a desert. Our accurate material visibility system provides you with tracking capability to hold any entity in the supply chain accountable for the accuracy of your construction and production materials. This will bring you peace of mind and will lower costs of construction due to shortage or late delivery of raw materials.

100% Remote Location Stock Tracking

Remotely managing your materials seems like a daunting proposition. DominateINVENTORY allows for autonomous remote location stock management. It authenticates users and controls the door opening and closing. Upon exit, the system registers the inventory items the user is taking out and will send a confirmation email to him/her. The inventory personnel will also receive a confirmation of inventory taken out along with stock replenishment report. This solution is perfect for un-manned locations or Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI). The result is a complete chain-of-custody tracking and accountability with minimum cost and supervision.

Serialized and Bulk Inventory

In some cases, it may not be feasible to label each item due to its size or low value. You, therefore, may choose to keep some items without tagging them individually. DominateINVENTORY allows you to manage serialized as well as bulk inventory. In the stock audit, the handheld automatically detects a bulk inventory and ask the user to input the physical count.

Lot Number, Expiration Date, Manufactured Date, Consigned Inventory Control, etc.

DominateINVENTORY allows you to capture many relevant parameters of your inventory during a receiving process and use the information to pick items based on specific criteria such as lot number, expiration date, received date, etc. If you decide to count only the stock from a particular supplier, you can do that with ease.

Inventory Audit

DominateINVENTORY goes beyond a simple inventory count. It provides you with accurate verification of what you have and what is missing in real-time. This information is given to the user while he/she is doing the audit and is present at the location. The audit will provide the following:

  • Items found correctly – These are items that were found in their assigned location.
  • Missing Items – Items that are missing.
  • Misplaced Items – Items that were found but not in their assigned location.
  • Bulk discrepancy – Items with a counted quantity that does not match the expected number.
  • Pending items – Items that were not counted.

The system provides an audit template, so you do not have to select the audit batch every time.

Inventory Audit Based on Item Properties

What if you are interested only in auditing specific items with some particular properties? For example, a Lumber that is 2×4, length of 8’, pressure treated from ABC company. Alternatively, if you want to pick items based on specific lot numbers, expiration date or received date, DominateINVENTORY will audit only those items that match the exact properties and provides you with a detailed report of found, missing and misplaced.

Misplaced Search

Imagine being able to scan a location and see what items do not belong to that location in real-time and while you are present at the location. Imagine the benefits you will gain in cleaning up your warehouse or work area at the end of the day. You will have all items in their correct locations rather than the inventory system shows that you have on hand stock only to see there is none in their assigned location.

Offline Auditing

It is vital that you be able to take the handheld device and go anywhere to perform stock takes, regardless of Wi-Fi connectivity. This could be a back of a truck, storage facility, a back room, an off-site storage location or at a customer site holding your consigned inventory.

Alert & Notifications

DominateINVENTORY actively monitors the vital signs of your Operation 24/7. It utilizes the latest IoT technology to sense what is going on, capture events, and take action based on pre-defined alert rules. When an event happens, it sends pop-up messages, emails, and SMS to multiple staff. It can take physical actions such as locking doors and activating alarms.

The notification module reminds you of important due dates. It sends emails to all responsible parties to remind them of dates such as Item expiration dates, Item warranty expiration dates, etc.

Inventory Transfer

The transfer module allows for transfer out of a site and securely transfer in at another. Transferring high-valued items from one facility to another may require different sets of controls and processes. You may need several approvals from management before proceeding with the transfer. DominateINVENTORY can easily accommodate this intrinsic process. It automates the approval process and allows the transfer to proceed only when all authorization have been gathered. The process is paperless, and for added security, trigger an alert if the receiving party does not receive the transferred items within the allotted time.

Bill of Materials (BOM)

The BOM keeps track of items that contain sub-assemblies, kits, intermediate assemblies, sub-components, parts and quantities needed to manufacture or build.


Through an automated check-in and check-out process, the system associates items to each employee, role, or even customer; keep the complete chain-of-custody information; and automatically email due date reminders. You can use the system to track item’ check-out costs to a project or location by allocating costs and charging a specific GL account at the time of check out.

These are just the tip of the iceberg for what our Inventory Tracking can deliver.

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