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DominateRFID Project Management System for Construction Industry

Maximize Productivity in Construction Projects with DominateRFID Project Management System

  • Real-Time Work Package Tracking
  • Productivity KPI & Cost Tracking
  • Work in Process Management

Project Management System

The Project Management System is based on the DominateLABOR platform and is designed to provide real-time tracking and management of the most critical aspects of any construction project: labor, costs and the completed work quantity.

Construction planners and managers can define projects and unlimited work packages (Work Breakdown Structure, WBS).

Work Packages (WBS) break down into individual activities/tasks with their own set of planned hours, costs and work quantity for more detailed control.

Projects, Work Packages (WBS) and activities/task details can also be imported from BIM.



DominateRFID Project Management System for Construction Industry

Real-Time WIP Visiblity

The system provides percentage of completion for each activity/task, work package (WBS) and projects. Utilizing an integrated project and work package tree, you can identify at any time the delayed activity/tasks affecting the delivery of subsequent Work Packages (WBS) and projects. The system presents an opportunity to deal with causes of delays before the project incurs financial losses. You will know which workforce or subcontractor is idle, active or has not reported to work.

Quantity Capturing

Using mobile devices, site engineers or supervisors can capture the work-in-process for each activity/task, allowing the system to monitor and report any deviation between planned quantity vs actual completed quantity in real-time.

Labor Assignment

Using mobile devices, supervisors can assign and re-assign a workforce to each activity/task, allowing the system to monitor and report any deviation between planned labor hours vs actual in real-time.

Labor Cost Tracking

The system allows entering salaries, overtime and all other related costs to accurately track the labor costs for each activity/task, work package (WBS) or project. The employer can also use this data for cross-referencing with HR for calculating correct salary amounts. It is a powerful tool for managing subcontractor billings.


Every aspect of the Project management System can be performed on a mobile device. Creating new projects, work package (WBS) and activities/tasks, assigning and re-assigning labor, capturing completed quantity, viewing dashboards and project status can easily be done on Android or Apple devices.

End-to-End Collaboration

The system provide supervisors the mobility to go to where the work package and activities/tasks are to capture quantity, including images, videos, voice messages, and collaborate with anyone within the chain of command and subcontractors. The system ensures everyone involved with the work is updated continuously with the project progress, which in turn will boost operational efficiency by reducing delays, disruptions and errors. This invaluable tool helps in dealing with minor issues before they become a significant problem.

Subcontractor Management

The system provides full visibility of a subcontractor’s performance by tracking what workforce it has deployed, hours logged and how much work is completed vs planned. It shows delays, cost overruns and deviations from the agreed contract.

These are just the tip of the iceberg for what our Project Management System can deliver.

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