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Collision Avoidance System


Mitigate Job Site Accidents with DominateRFID 


Construction sites are busy and noisy environments. It is difficult for a heavy equipment operator or truck driver to have a 360-degree view of their surroundings. Many times, they get distracted by the task at hand and do not pay enough attention to the people that are working close by. The workers, on the other hand, have similar challenges and do not notice that the truck is maneuvering and stay in an unsafe distance. These are scenarios for disaster and one that unfortunately happens too often. Many injuries and fatalities involving construction vehicles striking a person happen in this manner.

How the Collision Avoidance System works

DominateRFID’s Collision Avoidance System is designed to mitigate accidents by alerting the vehicle driver about objects in proximity of the vehicle. The alert is a combination buzzer sound and flashing strobe light.

A sensor detection device is installed inside the vehicle. Each worker at the site is given a sensor tag. The tag comes in many available shapes and forms (i.e. helmet tag, hang tag, affixed to uniform, etc.). The proximity range of the sensor tag can be programed to meet each construction site’s specific safety requirement. When someone with a sensor tag reaches the unsafe range of a vehicle from any direction, the buzzer and light strobe alert the driver to watch out for the person.

The system was designed to be low-cost with minimum installation complexities. It uses 12V/24V for power source and directly powers the buzzer and strobe light, eliminating the need for external wiring or power supply. The system is plug and play and can be installed in just a few minutes.

The sensor tag for each worker can also be used in our Labor Management System, effectively creating one tag with two functionalities.

These are just the tip of the iceberg for what our Safety and Security Management can deliver.

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