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Mustering and Emergency Evacuation Management System 


Safe and timely evacuation is the cornerstone of any emergency management plan. In addressing business safety requirements, one needs to prioritize an efficient evacuation procedure. In dealing with incidents such as fire, earthquake or security threats, early evacuation is the most critical safety measure.

To address this crucial safety need, DominateRFID designed its award-winning Mustering and Emergency Evacuation Management application, based on its Workforce Management platform.

At the time of emergency, the Mustering and Emergency Evacuation Management System’s dashboard displays people present and missing at each assembly area (safe zone). The user can quickly switch to a list view to see the missing person’s name, category, last location and time at the previous location. The dashboard continuously updates with the latest data. The menu also runs on a mobile device for those staff responsible for managing the event at each assembly area. This feature provides critical knowledge needed for sending rescue personnel after the missing people. The Mustering module provides an efficient tracking of people during an incident or emergency evacuation; it will report who is missing and can direct emergency personnel to their last location.

The Mustering and Emergency Evacuation Management Modules incorporate the following features to address safety requirements of any organization during emergency events:

Unparalleled Visibility: At every stage of the evacuation process, the operators will have full visibility of member movements across their facility. They will be able to track the members’ current location, as well as a history of their movements across different units.

Seamless Evacuation: Panicked crowds may rush to the exit doors and delay emergency evacuations. The system can indicate densely populated areas on the map of your facility. In this way, security personnel can be promptly dispatched to more efficiently handle the flow of evacuees, particularly at exit points.

Scalability: The system can be scaled up and down to cover working environments of all shapes and sizes, including massive multi-level infrastructures and widely dispersed units. It is an especially ideal solution for large-scale evacuations in construction, manufacturing, oil and gas sectors, etc.

Time Management: Real-time locating of staff and visitors provides the information needed for rapid response in search-and-rescue operations. Well-informed responders will then be able to provide earlier and safer departure for those who require help with the evacuation.

Statistics: It is vital to quickly identify and quantify people at muster points (safe zones) and other areas. Our platform provides the latest member statistical data on its mustering dashboard. It also keeps account of attendance levels at the time of the incident. In the mustering area, roll-call results need only be checked against a list of members who are expected to show up in this field to confirm full and proper evacuation.

Accountability: Emergency preparedness necessitates a detailed assessment of urgent responses to previous incidents. For that purpose, our charts, tables, and historical reports shed light on all individual and collective activities during an event. Studying these events is crucial in re-evaluating safety measures, finding flaws in people’s conduct, and even preempting future accidents.

These are just the tip of the iceberg for what our Mustering and Emergency Evacuation System can deliver.

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