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DominateRFID Workforce Management System

Maximize Efficiency with DominateRFID Workforce Management System

  • Labor Attendance
  • Workforce Management
  • Subcontractor Tracking
  • Real-Time Location System (RTLS)

DominateWorkforce is a Workforce Management System, based on the DominateRFID IoT Platform and designed to be used in construction and industrial environments, where specialized provisions and monitoring should be made when dealing with staff, contractors, laborers, visitors, and any other member types that are defined in the system. Combined with several high-powered modules focused on solving business needs, DominateWorkforce provides a proven solution for solving tough workforce challenges facing industries today.

The platform is comprised of a web-based application that is tightly integrated with the latest technologies such as Barcode, RFID, BLE, ZigBee, GPS, and Sensors to provide you with a complete workforce management solution.



DominateRFID Workforce Management System

The system offers several IT infrastructure options for your computing requirements including cloud, hybrid cloud, and on-premise installation.

Utilizing its powerful integration tools, it can quickly and easily integrate with your existing ERP, HRS, and any other software to provide your application with the latest technology capabilities, or you may use it as a stand-alone workforce management system.

DominateWorkforce incorporates the following outstanding features:

  • Modular and scalable solutions – suitable for companies of any size.
  • Detects and quantifies people in indoor or outdoor location zones. View people on the map of your facility and the world map.
  • Real-time location monitoring provides historical data between given times.
  • Extensive mobile applications provide on-site data acquisition and capture.
  • Unlimited alert rules allow the Alert module to trigger a series of notifications or take physical actions when an event triggers.
  • Real-time view of the workforce status: who is currently idle, who is active and who is offsite.
  • Autonomous shift change detection eliminates data entry when a member’s shift status changes.
  • Manage restricted access to equipment or designated locations.
  • Roll call and Proof of Presence tracking.
  • Smart workforce utilization to increase labor efficiency and eliminate fraud.

The DominateWorkforce Management System helps you conduct a case-by-case assessment of your direct or indirect workforce in all stages of your operations. You can quickly detect the causes of delays and cost overruns and ensure a streamlined workflow in your operation.

The system incorporates an extensive set of configurable alerts and notifications to help supervisors address urgent issues on the spot. It helps you control restricted access to areas or equipment, monitor suspicious activities around sensitive zones, and alert operators accordingly.

Alerts can be set to notify operators via email, SMS, pop-up screens, strobe light or buzzer.

Some example alerts include:

  • Arrival Alert
  • Late Arrival Alert
  • Departure Alert
  • Early Departure Alert
  • Unauthorized Movement Alert

Proof of Presence

Many construction and manufacturing projects face delays and downtimes caused by poor workforce attendance. The system allows you to perform autonomous roll-call, location occupancy control and even register the security guard’s presence at a location on a pre-scheduled time. DominateWorkforce tracking system enhances your operation with accountability and oversight.

Real-Time Dashboards

DominateWorkforce provides you with a powerful control center to monitor and orchestrate all activities on your site:

Shift Attendance Dashboard

The real-time shift attendance dashboard shows the presence and absence of members during an ongoing shift. With a toggle switch, the user can view the result as a graph, chart, or list view with details of each member such as name, category, current location and arrival time.

Location Activity Dashboard

The location activity dashboard is a time-stamped graphical view of the location activities and movements throughout the facility. It is an excellent tool for statistical analysis of time-based movements in each location.

Category Dashboard

The category dashboard shows total members per category present at each location in graphical form. It helps to identify the available workforce per each skill.

Location Occupancy Dashboard

The location occupancy allows you to control occupancy in any controlled area, such as training rooms, conference arena, events, production line, construction site, etc. You can set the maximum number of allowable people in an area, and the system automatically monitors the attendance in real-time and graphically displays on mobile devices the current presence compared to the maximum allowed. It provides you with extensive reports for statistical analysis and evaluation of staff performance in all locations.

DominateWorkforce is integrated with the following modules designed to solve business challenges:

  • Smart Project Management
  • Safety and Security Management
  • Mustering and Emergency Evacuation Management

These are just the tip of the iceberg for what our Workforce management system can deliver.

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