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The Retail Role Model

by shawn

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RFID Inventory Management Sysetm - DominateRFID Dubai UAE USAIn today’s rapidly evolving business environment, retailers face greater competition and higher customer expectations than at any time in the past. The ability to convert consumer traffic into sales is of paramount importance to every retailer, and while there is a cacophony of competition in the marketplace for those sales, there have never before been such robust resources for management to track and analyze customer behavior, and ultimately convert traffic into buying customers.

RFID technology is a well-stocked toolbox that retailers can employ to address these concerns. The solution begins with DominateRFID’s Inventory Management System, which brings increased accuracy, efficiency, and flexibility to the perennial problem of inventory management. But not only has the technology revolutionized inventory management—now it is an active sales partner with the ability to anticipate customer needs and recommend products to ensure 360° service, increased sales, and satisfied customers who will return again and again.
Imagine the ideal retail sales associate: an employee who not only possesses a familiarity with the types of products available for sale, but a comprehensive understanding of how those products are used, the specific benefits of one model over another, and the accessories a customer is likely to need in order to maximize their experience in using the product. Whether at their local home improvement or electronics store, or at a high fashion boutique, every customer has encountered—and is all too happy to share—the memory of their experience with a sales consultant such as the one described. This is the experience the successful retailer needs to deliver and duplicate, and to have shared with other potential customers.

All too often, however, the reality is a sales staff with minimal experience, whose attention is divided among many customers and rapidly shifting priorities. It can take years for an employee to develop the product knowledge and acumen to deliver the ideal customer experience. With RFID, it is possible to put that kind of product knowledge and market awareness in the hands of every rep on the sales floor, empowering them as never before to create the kind of meaningful shopping experiences that translate into sales dollars and repeat customers.
DominateRFID offers a comprehensive suite of products to support retailers seeking to deliver an unparalleled customer experience, with features like:

DominateRFID Sales Assistant  is an innovative solution that provides a retail sales force better access to product information, allowing them to provide better customer service and drive sales. With just a tablet in hand, associates can better engage shoppers. Interesting and engaging product knowledge can be pre-loaded, to be shared with consumers instantly, giving associates the tools to help explain, visually, the value of specific product offerings. In addition, an associate interacting with the tablet has a tool for pre-empting mobile comparison shopping.

DominateRFID Mobile Stock Availability  addresses inventory visibility at the store as well as other stores within the region. If an item is unavailable in a particular store, a sales consultant can view stock levels at all other stores and work to fulfill the customer need without losing the sale. With advanced features for the retail market from DominateRFID, every retail sales rep has the tools to become a knowledgeable and indispensable sales consultant—right in the palm of their hand.

DominateRFID Smart Fitting Room  turns a simple fitting room into a shopper’s dream—not to mention a better business tool for retailers. As shoppers enter their fitting rooms, an interactive screen shows details of everything they’ve brought in with them. The system will recommend accessories and matching products as the customer tries on items. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 for customers to choose other items to try, and have them immediately brought to the fitting room. Cross-selling made easy!

DominateRFID Smart Display System  learns customer picking behavior, including the popularity of certain items in the store, quickly finding misplaced items, and saving significant time in identifying expired items. The collected information can be analyzed and translated to understand and predict customer preferences.

DominateRFID Mobile Point of Sale System provides a mobile solution to the traditional manual POS system. The system allows the sales associate to scan and process sales orders and payments anywhere in the store, enhancing the customer experience by eliminating long waits at the sales counter, and allowing one sales consultant to deliver a seamless, end-to-end customer service experience.

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