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We Make RFID Migration Effortless!

September 3, 2016

Converting or upgrading to an advanced RFID solution appears, on the surface, to be a daunting proposition. Some companies question general aspects like the economics of this undertaking, while others have more specific reservations in relevance to their own professions and special interests. Their concerns usually revolve around issues such as practicality, time, complexity, and other possible side effects of installing an entirely new system.

Only a long history of conducting successful projects in various industries and businesses could help an RFID company shed light on these challenges and find appropriate solutions. In the course of such history a multitude of diverse problems may arise, and through tackling each challenge, an RFID provider gains invaluable experience. In this regard, a history of fruitful cooperation with valued customers has enabled DominateRFID to prepare a catalogue of likely scenarios and solutions to common challenges that should be addressed in design and production.

Unique Solutions for All Industries

As a customer you will be surprised to find that DominateRFID has anticipated the special dimensions of RFID deployment in your industry. A major goal in our R&D department is to design affordable solutions that are meant to address all customer concerns. After all, RFID’s objective is to help companies reduce costs and complexities while achieving increased accuracy and operational velocity. We understand both your aspirations and hesitations, and we are prepared to help you every step of the way.

We Make RFID Simple & Affordable

Our products and solutions are designed to meet the diverse requirements of all companies, from SMEs to large enterprises. Depending on the extent of your activity, we have developed two separate categories of solutions to meet enterprise organizations and SMEs ever-growing challenges. Our efforts have also been focused on simplicity and affordability. DominateRFID has created the only RFID system on the market that eliminates the hassles and complexities involved with RFID implementation. Our system offers you the most comprehensive, robust, feature-rich, and flexible solution with the lowest total cost of ownership.

Rapid Implementation & Training

You may be questioning if you will be required to have a team of RFID experts for an extended period in your facility. You may wonder if an RFID solution can be offered in ready-to-use packages, with minimum installation and training time. DominateRFID has created bundled solutions at fixed prices to remove unexpected “surprises”, and minimize deployment time.  Our innovative plug & play solutions are considered to be the tipping point in affordability and simplifying implementation of RFID. With our bundled solutions, you receive a fully-functional RFID tracking system right out of the box! What other RFID company can say they offer that?

For more details on common customer requests and special features, please read our brochure:


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