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Work-In-Process Visibility System for Startups and Multinationals

by shawn

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DominateRFID Work-In-Process Visibility System

Work-In-Process Visibility System for Startups and Multinationals

August 6, 2016

In a complex supply chain, products go through multiple production phases, and it is very possible that some phases are held in different geographical locations. An item needs to be fully prepared at each stage before it can be sent on to the next level. Sometimes, one minor failure at a certain point halts an entire production line. As a result, securing a seamless workflow in such environments is an inevitable challenge that is, nonetheless, of paramount importance to the management.

This challenge is further compounded by business expansion plans. Growth & expansion are high on the agenda of companies, from startups to giant corporations. A company must reach out to new customers in order to thrive or even survive in a highly competitive market. Accordingly, monitoring products at every node of an ever-growing system becomes more difficult. One might have to mobilize large teams of observers to multiple remote locations. Such a massive outlay of resources can be avoided by an automated tracking system that traces items globally. DominateRFID Work-In-Process Visibility Platform is an ideal system for this purpose: it provides real-time visibility of your raw materials and finished goods across all points of your supply chain.

By installing fixed RFID readers and antennas at strategic locations (beginning and end of each line, dock doors, choke points, etc.), the movement and location of items are automatically updated in real-time. You can track your inventory from practically anywhere: a warehouse, the shop floor, in QA, on a truck, distribution center, on a ship, in the middle of a desert or at your customer’s site. The system also offers several IT infrastructure options to fit your computing requirements. Utilizing its powerful Universal Integration Link, it can easily and quickly integrate with your existing MRP, ERP, WMS or legacy software, or you may use it as a stand-alone inventory visibility system.

While the real-time location of parts must be monitored to spot missing or misplaced items, there are other immediate issues that should be addressed to preempt errors. DominateRFID Work-In-Process Visibility Platform serves these diverse necessities of a streamlined production flow. It incorporates other key features that are essential to achieving optimal workflow efficiency. For instance, it helps you consolidate data from all locations, identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks in your operation, and perform real-time analysis on an individual item level.

The system is also comprised of an elaborate set of independent modules such as real-time alerts, notifications, transfer modules, check-in/out modules, staff attendance, misplaced/missing search, inventory quick count, etc. These modules are tightly integrated with handheld devices to provide you with a complete WIP visibility solution. Together with these features, our solution provides invaluable information which helps you increase accountability and profitability while automating business processes and decisions.

In today’s business world, companies seek to expand operations and reach out to overseas markets. Those who do not venture out of their safe zones could even end up losing their current share of the market. With DominateRFID’s intelligent Work-In-Process Visibility Platform you can have an unlimited number of production plants and distribution centers, regardless of their size and location. From receiving to production to the store shelf, our visibility platform is designed for large, multi-location operations that will enable you to have total clarity of your entire process, all at once.

For more details on all features please read our brochure at: http://www.dominaterfid.com/products/wip-tracking/

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